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Setting up color on LCD monitors

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  • Setting up color on LCD monitors

    Hi gang with me now taking online classes the school sent me Adobe's Premiere Suite CS6, it's the first time I've had to deal with any version of PhotoShop and every time I open it I get a message telling me that my monitor needs to be adjusted. I tried using the one that Windows 7 has built in but it hasn't worked. Is there a decent free or inexpensive calibration tool that should fix my problem? Before I forget my video card is a Radeon 7970 connected to an LG Flatron E2770. It's not connected via HDMI but I'm seriously thinking about connecting a 23 inch ViewSonic so I can do my classwork on one monitor and research for my assignments on the other. The ViewSonic is a 1080p fully HDMI Capable display. I usually use it to work on family members and friends computers but since it's just sitting doing nothing I figure why no use it as well.

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    Re: Setting up color on LCD monitors

    CS6 probably detects that you are using a default windows display profile.
    Try using windows color management from the windows search menu using the start button or from the Control Panel.
    Several other things you can try:
    Go to Adobe and search using cs6 monitor calibration
    search the web using:
    • adobe photoshop cs6 calibrate monitor
    • adobe cs6 monitor calibration
    • monitor calibration software