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Can Win98 run continuously without crashing?!

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  • Can Win98 run continuously without crashing?!

    May sound like a dummy question, but i have a real need to have an older computer (Celeron 333) using win98 for webcasting from a remote location which i can;t easily access if it crashes. i have configured the apps to autorun every 24 hrs. the question is, does win98 screw up after a few days of running without sleep? I've never needed to put this to the test before so i have no idea.

    the system is very basic: Celeron333, 128meg ****e ram, generic sound / vid, 4gig hdd, etc.

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    I don't have a link or anything, but somewhere on the Microsoft site they actually say that Windows 98 cannot run for more than 47 days, or something like that..

    Realistically, depending on what you've got running, your computer would be lucky to make a two weeks straight. At most.


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      Yeah, I suspect i would be lucky to last a few days :/

      i would only be running a small audio visual stream delivered via usb port for approx 4 hrs / day, connected to isdn connection. Also would need some scheduling software to automate the process, otherwise thats it. But I have noticed my main machine gets sluggish even overnites, but thats usually after rendering a big project for 7-8 hrs.

      ah well, time will tell :/


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        ...Simply put, no... Unless you never install anything on it. Even then there are no guarantee's.


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          I've got to restart my 98 home server every couple of days just to reclaim resources which 98 isn't real good at reclaiming so you'd best be served by a M$ NT or even better a Linux os. :smokin:


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            I think Beefy's right there, there is a fault in 95/98 that will stop the system from operating at around 49 days. There is an exact amount, I just can't remember what it is.


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              That's only if the thing is just sittin' doin' nothing as bein' in use with progs runnin' will shorten that dramatically. :smokin:


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                Well, I've set my pc up & running a continual 24hr x7 webcast, so from the above advice, i'll try get the thing reset every 2 weeks or so. i'll let u know how it holds up.

                btw, anyone know any *free* automation software?

                i've got a great shareware utility that allows macro recording mouse & keystrokes, but always on the lookout for nag-free-ware.

                ta! (sorry bout delayed reply)


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                  Don't know how I missed this one...

                  If I recall, the flaw that the others were talking about was fixed with one of the patches available from the Windows Update site. I have machines at work that run Win98SE continuously for months without a reboot. Of course, these machines aren't servers, so I can't say what sort of luck you'll have on this type a system, but the OS is capable of running continuously for long periods of time.

                  I'll just be glad when we can finally get rid of our older Win95 machines. :scream:
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                    A search with google will help you find a simple little program that will restart a computer however frequently you wish. You then just need to set the computer up so that the programs you need to run, begin at startup. Very simple.


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                      I have a box set up on my LAN to stream audio from the line in on the soundcard using Winamp and Shoutcast server, it runs Win98 Second Edition with all Windows Update patches applied and that's all it does, it has currently been online for 3 months and 4 days with no sign of it crashing.
                      What I would advise is that you set the server up to stream constantly rather than scheduling every 24 hours as you were planning. One thing Win98 doesn't like doing is opening and closing programs many times.
                      with regard to your cheap hardware well, you take your life in your own hands there. I have found that if you buy a really good motherboard, Asus, Abit, Epox or another trusted make, you can get away with having cheap hardware and retain system stability. But If you're running a bargain basement machine, expect random crashes.

                      To the people who say win98 crashes after 47 days, that was a bug that was fixed with a critical update years ago.


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                        Yes it's the closin' of apps that's the biggest drawback with memory management with all Win9x os's, not so much the opening, it just doesn't want to let go of everything. :smokin: