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    I am trying to update my existing system based on Intel Quad core 2.6 Ghz and 8 Gigs of RAM on the original Asus Maximus Extreme board.

    I was thinking:
    1. CPU - Xeon E5 1660 v3 mainly because of the massive RAM support (I ran VMware Workstation all day long for work sometimes with 3 or 4 VMs at the time + would like o do some other things at the same time and currently this is just not working or working very slowly with my 8 gigs of RAM, I have to restart them start them and power them down etc., frustrating experience. + I do some gaming, little Adobe (Photoshop + Premier). I do not plan to overclock, was thinking about the i7 5960 E but can't find non ECC DDR4 16 Gig sticks and can only support up to 64 gig of RAM which is perfectly fine now but I might need some more in a year or so.
    2. Motherboard - I am leaning towards AsRock 99Extream11 mainly because of two Ultra M.2 slots, has anybody tested it ? does it work as advertised ? Compering the stats with regular sata SSDs the M.2 Ultra is much faster.
    3. A compatible 1 x M.2 SSD hard drive, after some time I would add second one (don't have enough money to get all at the same time but the 99Extream11 board selection is only because of the 2 x M.2 ultra ports).
    4. Initially starting with 32 Gig or ECC compatible memory most likely 2133 speed. Expanding this year to 64 Gig and next to 128 which will max out the board. really without support for 128 Gig there is little sense for me to get the Xeon, go with ECC RAM and get expensive board like this with 128 Gig support.

    My main considerations is putting this all together, would the M.2 hard drives x 2 work at advertised speed, if I put 128 Gig of RAM on the board will it support it with advertised speed etc. I also saw on AsRock website that the Xeon 1660 v3 is not on the list of supported CPU for the 99Extream11 board but I think it is a mistake as all others are 1650 v3 and 1680 v3.

    I had some bed experience with my Asus Maximus Extreme when I maxed out the RAM, had to replace (2 x 2 gigs), run it at much lower than advertised speed and still from time to time the board just hangs and resets its RAM setting (forget about the auto, this never worked with all slots in use)

    I welcome any comments.

    Thank you
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