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Rounded Cables for cdroms

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  • Rounded Cables for cdroms

    is the rounded cables recommended to use for the cdroms or cd burner??? i'm using 24" round cable by thermaltake

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    Don't use cables any longer than 18" ... You get signal loss after that. Also, in my experience, rounded cables aren't better than modifying your existing flat ide cables, splitting them up into 3 or 4 sections (being very careful while doing so). Then use an elastic or cable tie or something similar to tie the middle of the cables together.

    Problem I've found with rounded cables, is the cable at the connectors tend to fray (not as bad as the u160 scsi cable I'm using in my rig, but that's another story heh) and the cables need to be replaced. Best i've found to use the standard cables and modify them.


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      depends how often you are removing the cables, unless you have cheap rounded ones :rolleyes: i have all rounded cables in all my systems, and my main system gets drives added/removed all the time. i admit the long cable issue was a worry, buti use standard length cables now, and not one cable has frayed/busted on me, although they do feel slightly weaker than normal cables...

      but the only difference between professionally rounded cables and home-made ones is the professional ones look better :P


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        I've only had a couple of rounded cables fray terribly on me, nothing to cry over :D ... Granted my u160 scsi cable is in terrible shape :) Afraid opening the case and removing the scsi controller card again to get at the FDD controller (if i ever need too) might be the end of that cable :)

        Even still, I'd just use regular IDE cables and split 'em down the center a couple of times (again being careful not to expose any wire)


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          properly rounded cables function exactly as well as flat cables as far as transferring data goes.
          No problem with using them for any IDE device.
          Do use cables 18" or less in length if at all possible to get the best dependability of data transfers.

          (and I've put a small nick or 2 in the insulation doing some rounding-at-home. a piece of electrical tape placed properly and all is well)
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            I'm using the round cable for my cd burner(slave) and to my hard disk(master).
            and the lenght of the cable is 600mm, I have no problem with that, but suddenly when i removed the cable and put it on again, my cd burner works only on the first run and after that the burner won't work anymore,


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              That's vecause your cable is 24" long :) Well at least one of the major contributing factors.


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                here's a good place to buy them cheap