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  • Hd problem

    Hi all,

    Just a bit of a problem im having with hd space on my C drive.

    Now this drive is originally 6gb in size and i have just done a format and have installed Windows Professional XP.

    So once that is all out of the way and complete you are left with pretty much 4.5gb-5gb roughly plus i had done a backup and had done the restore backup proceeder through start>programs>accessories>system tools>backup.

    Anyway onto my problem what happens is my hd space seems to dramatically reduce in size till im left with nothing in space remaining, and i have no idea why, it was quite frightening to go into my computer and find i had 32kb left on my C drive.

    Now I did your:

    WinXP Tweaking: From Reformat to Relax
    Tweaking Windows XP - Part 1
    Tweaking Windows XP - Part 2
    System Optimization Guide for Gamers

    And followed them all word for word to your instructions which are great guides/tweaks by the way :)

    But I have struck this problem and im not sure why, now is it because i have done something wrong somewhere in your guide which im sure i havent cause i did everything as you said.

    Also the other problem im having is with when i goto my C drive properties and goto tools then error checking and select the box : automatically fix file system errors, it saids it will startup next reboot, so i do a reboot and it does some drive checking which seems like some 3 step process then prompts to say it will restart my computer, which never happens as it just sits there, now how long should i wait 5 mins? 10 mins?

    I was quite impatient and just pressed the restart button and it rebooted back into windows fine, but i went to check the C drive properties again and see if it was ticked and it had become unticked again. So i repeated the steps again and it happened once more, so im not sure what to do if you guys can help me and offer any assistance to these 2 problems im having it be muchly appreciated cheers.

    My system spec's are as follows:

    1.6ghz AMD Athlon T-Bird
    ASUS A7M266 Motherboard
    512 DDR RAM
    1x 6gb Seagate HD
    1x 40gb Seagate HD
    1x 80gb Seagate HD
    Geforce 2 GTS 64mb

    Operating system is Windows XP Professional with service pack 1 installed.

    ta :)

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    I really you have done anything wrong...

    Formatting and installing Windows XP takes ALOT of space (ALOT) even more with SP1 on it. So nothing to worry about except getting a bigger HD.:)
    - Damien


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      well looking at the system specs, there are larger drives for storage, so i am guessing that 6Gb is for the Operating system only..

      i would check what you have installed on the C drive and also the temp/temporary internet file folders make sure they are empty, for if you have nothing else installed on the C drive and there is 4.5Gb being magically used up, i would assume that you have some application logging or something filling that space..

      maybe you should run a scandisk(what you ran)/defrag over that 6Gb drive it is possible it may be misreporting the free space on the drive also. if it has to reboot to fix the problem, let it do itself, go away and leave the PC for a while, come back when it is at the login/desktop screen again, if after an hour or so, it still is hung at the disk-checking screen, then it may be safe to soft-reset the system...

      but if it is hanging during a disk-check you may have greater problems with the drive...


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        Thanks for the replies,

        I looked at the info for the drive and it's capicity is 6gb and their is 1.6gb taken up on the drive at the moment. So there should be 4.3gb free left but it is now reporting that i have 1.2gb left on the drive and it will slowly decrease over time :(

        Its so annoying my networked pc that i have dosent do this and he's system is running fine with all the same tweaks i applied to my own system, so i am really stumped to as what the problem could be.

        I have this file in my C: directory called pagefile.sys and it saids it is 768mb is that correct and fine?

        I dont know weather i should just install XP on my big 80gb HD and toss this one out? Or just use it for backup purposes only?

        I would proberly still get the same problems, and i would have to go through the whole reformat/reinstall/tweak process once more which takes time.. ALOT of time :(

        But it could be the only solution i guess, I checked my temp/temporary internet folder and it is empty, i did a defrag many times, i also followed your "Regular Maintenance of WinXP" at the end of the tweak guide and have repeated those steps repeatably to no avail. I only waited 5-10 mins for it to restart as it prompted to do, but it never did so u suggest leaving it for 1 hr?

        Ok I might give that a go right now,

        thanks again.