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new hdd boots to xp blue screen no farther.

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  • new hdd boots to xp blue screen no farther.

    In my last post i got all my HD transferred from one to the other using WD lifeguard 10.0 utilities. So now it only boots to blue screen and no farther. What do i need in order to make it boot? And have all my files from other HD ?

    WD400 to a Maxtor 80gb Diamondmax plus 9 HD

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    Does this blue screen give you errors?


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      I had concerns about this initially, but I'm definitely no XP expert.

      Isn't it going to be necessary to create an MBR and all that?
      If so, doesn't the Maxtor utility have an option for that?

      XP is definitely a different breed in many ways and there's much about the copy to new drive process & mirroring and such that have me a tad bewildered to say the least.:confused:


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        Lil batty now but i got it. I had to remove the 2 HD off the same IDE cable. Then use WD lifeguard 10.0 to transfer all the files to the new drive. Then turn off the computer befor i reboot and take off the old drive so the new one would be the MASTER BOOT DISK. It does it's corrections and error checking then it boots right up! The new MAXTOR Diamondmax plus 9 gets a grade A++ from me! Comp seems to boot faster and programs run smoother. Just don't like there customer service!!! They laughed at me when I told them WD 10.0 Lifeguard could transfer XP from HD to HD. Guess jokes on them now :D !


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          Had to make sure the new drive was being seen as the master and the old one as SECONDARY SLAVE! Not primary slave! Then it all went smooth! Thx guys for the help and good questions.:cheers:


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            Glad to hear your efforts have paid off:thumb:

            There was a time, not so very long ago, that the DataLifeGuard tools was not functional with XP.
            When you stated that's what you were using to transfer is when I found out about the newer version (honestly, I hadn't looked at WD's support page in a long time though), **fingers crossed** hopefully I won't need to go there for a good while longer.

            I guess the fellow's at Maxtor haven't heard the good news:?: