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Word Of Warning IBM Deskstars A.K.A Deathstars

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  • Word Of Warning IBM Deskstars A.K.A Deathstars

    Too many ppl too many problems.

    over the past month i've seen many friends and ppl have their dethstars die. These are Horrible HDD's IMHO so stear clear of them if you can and if you own one and it dies try to RMA and go WD or Seagate blame it on a Blackout or somthing ;)

    Damn IBM :shoot3:

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    You mean that there are still live ones out there? :eek:

    Thankfully I never used one. :D


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      Yoy've missed the threads on this topic then. Even I have been a victim of this problem and have a very handy paperweight that sits on my cabinet. The problems have supposedly been corrected in the new 120 series models, but I for one can't see forking out a bunch more money to just get burned again. I'll have to continue to give IBM the :thumbs do until they can prove themselves to be worthy again.
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        IBM :hammer: just never learn i will never buy 1.


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          interesting point to note here people...

          it seems that Quantum (who's HDD division is owned by maxtor) make a new version of their popular NAS appliance (the SNAPserver) and this one is called a Guardian. We have just got one in at work, a Guardian 4400 (240ish Gb of Raid 5 Goodness)

          to my astonishment, Quantum have elected to use 4 IBM 120Gb IDE HDDs

          being that I myself have fell victim to a deathstar, and i know that the cooling of them was beyond important, the fact the drives are enclosed in a 1RU case sent me into a flurry of a panic, however operating temps of the systems seems to be below that of our 4RU mail server (hottest PC in rack)

          the model number is IC35L120AVVA07-0 and is apparantly the newer generation of IBM's that are not going to die....

          surely this means that there is hope once more for IBM.

          I know im hoping because last thing i want to have to do is disaster recovery with this thing...


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            Keep us posted on this setup if you don't mind. I had heard that the newer 120 series drives were supposed to have the kinks worked out, but I'm still a bit skeptical.
            Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill
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              I have sent bak 2 IBM 60 GXP's this year, a 20 GB & 70 GB.

              If you go tom thier warranty web page thet ask you to use a utility called DFT.

              This low-level formats and apparently maps out the bad sectors.

              It works for about 2 weeks.Then goes duff.

              You can create an RMA and send yr drive back here:


              so you don't even need the vendor's reciept,if you lost it.
              It takes 3 weeks for a replacment,that may be second hand.

              Since oct 2002 ibm reduced thier warranty to 1 year.

              This is ILLEGAL in the E.U as all products have to have a 2 year warranty( feel sorry for guys in the U.S 90 days nonsesnse)
              So hope to see some interesting litigation.


              I don't buy IBM.


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                When this issue was brought up the first time didnt IBM respond with something like this?
                "Of cource they break, there not supposed to be running more than 8 hours a day?"

                I thought that was hilarious when i read it.
                It sounds as if thats the most natural thing in the world, and anyone that wasnt aware of it can suit them selves.. hehe.
                Im currently looking at those Western digital 8mb cache models..
                reviews show "almost SCSI" performance.


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                  I for one can tell you that the WD "JB" series is worth every cent. :thumb:


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                    well its been a couple of weeks we've had the unit for now, and i can say that it definitely can take a pounding, the four IBM 120Gb drives seem to be holding up fine and i've been monitoring the temperatures of the system and it at most has risen to 38C.

                    so far so good, lets see what happens in the next few months (/me crosses fingers)


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                      Good luck on that, hope they stay together..
                      They prolly fixed em after all the complaints..