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HDD Problem, loading issue

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  • HDD Problem, loading issue

    My antient HDD that I don't have any money to replace has started to load nothing time to time.

    I don't mean that it won't load, it's just that it's reading and or writing when i'm not doing anything, or even when I am, BUT, for no reason...

    It does this everytime I open Internet Explorer to... It loads for about 1-5+ minutes, and when I go to different websites it also does this.

    I just installed Windows XP Professional Corporate edition with SP2 last weekend and it's been working fine up until the past 24 hours...

    It's a Quantum Fireball HDD 30gb, I've never had a good enough reason to replace it until now and I still would like to keep it and save the money.
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    Re: HDD Problem, loading issue

    I'm not understanding you here I think, or maybe I am.

    You installed Windows XP on this 30GB drive, so it's the system drive, correct?

    You can hear or are aware it is active when using IE, and going to different websites. Is this IE from the XP installation, or the current or more modern version?

    While an OS drive, and particularly an ancient and super slow one like this, will likely never be idle with the browser cache being updated and all the cookies being written from all the ads and links on web pages, I bet it's the OS using the pagefile. How much memory is in that PC?


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      Re: HDD Problem, loading issue

      Maybe you can disable indexing services in properties.