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Onboard Raid problem

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  • Onboard Raid problem

    Guys i need a little help please

    Got an email from a collegue who has this problem with his onboard promise card ....""The MoBo is a K7T266-a Pro2 RU onboard promise Fasttrak100. XP doesn't detect any RAID array period. I can install XP drivers for a RAID controller but in device manager it lists it as SCSI/RAID Fasttrak 100 "This device cannot start ( Code10).
    I have tried everything I know of and as you can see I'm losin' hair.....""

    Any ideas ?

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    I have the same mobo. In device manager, under scsi and raid controllers it lists it as:

    Windows XP promise FastTrak (tm) controller (pdc20265)

    Has he configured an array yet? When the computer is booting, the bios will detect the controller, scan ahd report on found drives. Then it will offer to let you configure the array by pressing control+f.

    When he first loaded Winxp, early in setup, it asks it you have 3rd party raid drivers to install. You press F6 and load the drivers.

    If the array is configured, I would think you could update the drivers in device manager. Be sure to point it to the xp directory on the floppy or cd.