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  • Raid . Stripe Or Mirror


    Im thinking of setting up a raid system with my new pc. First of all i want to obtain some info on weather i will see any differance and how will i benefit ?

    I know a little about raid but not enough to understand how it fully works.

    Do you have your OS set up on the raid or is it just for data swapping ?

    Doco`s to read and any info about setting up is appreciated.

    P.S i do know there are 2 types and that you should use drives of the same size/brand

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    :) next time, take a little look around.. ;)


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      i looked i found no info i wanted....thanks for your sarcasum though makes it all worth while :flames:


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        I'm sure it's here somewhere but the short course is:

        RAID 0 or striping increases performance and increases the chance of losing data as it is spread over 2 drives and two drives have a greater chance of failure than 1 drive.

        RAID 1 or mirroring reduces the chance of losing data as one drive is mirrored on the other.

        RAID 0+1 does both (4 drives).

        There's more of course, but this is probably what you want to know.


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          Hey, I was being serious. That thread has all you need to know in it... :)


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            I don't think he looked. I learn more from looking at links like that anything else. He'll figure it out that everyone is trying to help.


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              I realise you are trying to help. At the time of my posting i had a quick look around and did not find what i wanted. Thanks beef for the info post i am looking now and you can bet i will post back here if i still cant find what i want :D


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                cmc, I just installed my first raid array(raid 0). it was fairly easy, a few minor snags and a couple reformats,really no big deal. I'm realy happy with it.I'm not sure how much extra performance I'm getting out of it but I'm real happy I was able to do it by myself with just the help of this forum, other forums and my motherboard manual.I would recomend 2 identical drives,also read your motherboard manual thoroughly.I would also recomend doing a google search on raid" "(whichever you chose) and read all about it, there is petabytes of info out there if you have the patience to wade through it.good luck. If you have some more specific questions i'll keep my eye on this post, I'm no expert but I just did it so its fresh in my mind.
                no leaf
                P.S. one peice of advice before you start go to your mother boards web site and download the drivers to the promise controller onto a floppy, and make sure the .OEM file is visable so it will install automatically.


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                  just a quick site to check


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                    thanks no leaf ...... will have a god read on the site :D