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How do I transfer data from one hdd to another?

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  • How do I transfer data from one hdd to another?

    My 10gig is almost full and i have yet to reformat yet after almost 2yrs. I have a new, never been used(to my knowledge)20.5 hdd that I would like to store all the stuff on for the time being until I get a cd-rw for all my files....mp3,gif,jpg,avi,mpeg,and whatever other video files there are.

    So how do I do it? :) Does Windows have to be on the 2nd hdd? Are there any programs that would help on this task? I've never installed a hdd b4...I dont know all that slave/master stuff either...I've just only heard about it. So if u can be as descriptive as possible it would take a good deal of worry off my mind. Im using Win98 1st edition but I do I have 2nd edition lieing around if that matters.


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    If you plan on reinstalling Windows, then go for the Win98SE this time. It is more stable and is a pretty good OS for the most part. It is also pretty much compatible with all hardware available today.

    As for the new hard drive, are you going to install the OS onto it and then transfer the contents of the old drive over? That is what I would suggest since the older drive is more than likely slower than your 20GB one, and you should always have the fastest drive as the Master so that you get the best performance possible.

    Here would be the easiest course of action for you to take...

    - First thing; make sure you have a Win98 Boot Disk handy. You can create it by going to the Control Panel and creating one from the "Add/Remove Programs" category.

    - Take the new drive. It should have some jumpers on the back of it. Either on the drive itself, in the manual, or on the manufacturers website will be a guide as to how to set the jumpers for Master. Do that.

    - Take the second (old) hard drive. Following the same steps as above, making sure that this one is set to Slave.

    - Install both hard drives on the Primary IDE cable inside the computer. It won't make any difference which connector goes to which drive since the jumpers will tell the system which to look at first (Master).

    - If necessary, format the 20GB drive so that it is ready to accept data. I normally like to copy system files also, but some folks say it isn't required. Call me old-fashioned. I use this command:
    format c:\ /s

    - Install the Win98SE onto the new drive.

    - Either leave the data on the 10GB drive as storage, or copy it to the new one. Either way will be fine. You can copy the data by using the Windows Explorer function built into the OS. It should work just fine in moving the data from the old drive to the new one.

    That's an easy way to get the data onto the new drive, and also have the larger and faster drive working as the primary one with the Operating System. Another option is to use a program like Norton Ghost to make a mirror of the current drive, but it would be a good idea to go the route explained above. After two years, it is time to start fresh. I'd be willing to bet that you have a whole bunch of dead registry entries that are slowing your system down without you even being aware of it.

    Good luck! :)
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