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Are you supposed to see HD's that are connected to a raid co

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  • Are you supposed to see HD's that are connected to a raid co

    I have an MSI KT7 Turbo MB with the Promise FastTrack - 100 lite raid controller built onto the board running on WIN XP Pro.

    I have just installed two new 80gb Seagates & gone thru all the setup stuff, @ setup I chose the basic "desktop" config.

    I can see both drives if i go into the device mgr or in the Promise software, but they (or it) does not appear in the "my computer" window.

    What do I need to do if I want -

    A/ see the drive/s
    B/ set them/it up as my FTP as I dont want it on my C: drive

    + I dont want to mirror them, I want to have the 160Gb of space which will be used as my FTP directory.


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    you may need to partition then format yer drive.
    with win9x, in the start menu click on "run..." then type fdisk.

    i think its option 4 to viewavailable drives. you need to change to yer raid then create a primary partition, then after you restart it will be in my computer and you can format it and yer right to go.

    if ya got win XP goto computer management in administrative tools and there is a disk manager there to partition the disc.


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      seeing how u said winxp, use the disk management part of your computer management snap-in (right-click my computer > manage)

      from their u can create a partition and format that partition, however u seem to need to setup a raid 0, to benefit from your raid controller, u will need to enter the raid setup during boot so you can create a disk array in stripe mode. then (i think) windows will see it as one disk (or a 2 disk array) for which you could then format (willl have to be ntfs too, coz winxp/2k limited to 32Gb fat32 drives when formatting)

      usually to get into the raid manager, u will needa do something like ctrl-a or ctrl-h during boot up

      read the manual if u need more info on your raid controller


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        I am using a Highpoint raid controller but it should be the same at least the basic idea...your MOBO should have supplied a raid drivers disk (Floppy disk) first go into your bootup screen and click Ctrl H(should be that...remember i am using Highpoint so it may be different for a promise) anyways get into your Raid Config Menu like Skullshot said. Set an array of Raid_0 and choose a boot disk. Save the settings and exit. Install Windows and when the Cd boots look at the direction below on the "windows Setup screen" Press F6 and choose "s" to use your floppy disk for drivers. Choose your OS and install the driver and then you should be done and continue with Windows setup. You can also prolly install the drivers after with your MOBO's Utlities CD.
        - Damien