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  • raid

    ok if i got 2 hardisk than how am i going to use the raid .
    i got ask some body about the raid lah but most of the said raid can put extra 4 hardisk .

    now my question is like this ?
    ok if i buy a new hdd than how am i going to use the raid ?
    can some body teach me how to use and explain to me how does it work .
    than or can some body send me some wep page about how to set up raid and how does it work

    what are those thing for ??...

    ok my system is
    amd xp 1700+
    abit kra7-raid
    256mb ddr samsung
    40 gb hardisk maxtor
    gforce2 mx-400 32mb
    creative sb live

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    RAID 1 and 0 require 2 hard drives, preferrably of the same size.
    The reason is it will use the smallest size x 2 for RAID 0 or the smallest size for RAID 1

    RAID 0 is striping, so bit 1 would go to disk 1, bit 2 to disk 2, bit 3 to disk 1, bit 4 to disk 2, and so on. This is the fastest, but also the one asking for the most trouble. If either hard drive craps out, kiss your data good-bye.

    RAID 1 is mirroring. Bit 1 would go to both disk 1 and 2, bit 2 would go to disk 1 and 2, and so on.

    In your HighPoint BIOS--this is separate from your motherboard BIOS (check that to make sure the HPT372 controller is enabled)--you can set it up for RAID 0 or 1 or 10 (if you have 4 HDD's). It's pretty straightforward, and should be layed out in detail in the motherboard manual.

    The thing to keep in mind here is: get the exact same 40GB Maxtor as you have. Make sure the RPM is the same, i.e. 5400RPM with 5400RPM, 7200RPM with 7200RPM, or your performance will not be the best it can be.

    For a good explanation of all levels of RAID:

    One last thing, outside of RAID. You don't need to have multiple threads pertaining to the same question. It's annoying and hard to follow when you don't know which thread you replied to.


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      ok than for the details .
      i am starting to know litter by litter about the raid .

      so i am planning to buy a hardisk from my friend so the hardisk is 20gb quantum fireball 5400rpm and ata 66

      now my existing is 40gb 5400rpm and ata 100

      1) can this 2 hardisk to be use ?
      2) will it be slow ??
      3) so when i get the hardisk do i need to do some spacial fdisk ?

      thanks to they that answer my question


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        It would be best for you to get 2 identical drives for doing RAID.
        1st being that using a 20gig and 40gig in RAID 0 will mean that you will be loosing 20gigs of the 40gig drive and you may well wind up with an incompatability issue between the 2 makes of drive anyway. :smokin:


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          so if i am using 20gb quantum hardisk and a 20gb maxtor hardisk so how am i going to set it using raid question is below .....

          1)can i ask is the raid making the 2 hardisk into one or ....????

          2)if i got 2 20gb hardisk than after i have use raid will it show as 20gb or 40 gb??

          3)can i partition it to 2 or more partition ?????

          thank your can some one tell me more ......


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            This may help you understand a bit better ;)


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              thanks for the wep page but i want to know how to use the raid .

              and if i use 2 20gb hardisk will it show 20gb or 40 gb ???

              can any people help me ??


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                If your using Raid0 for speed this strips the info across two hard drives so if ya have 2 20g HDDs the the total storage will be 40g but if you use a 20g and 40g HDD your total capacity will still be 40g as the drives must be of equal size and you will waste 20g of HDD space.
                The Raid1 for redundency and mirrors one drive to another so 2x 20g drives gives you 20g of storage as everything is mirrored so if ya use a 40g plus 20g HDDs the your storage will only be 20g.
                I hope this explains it a bit better but all this was explained in that link even though it was on how to get it to work better. :smokin:


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                  thanks alot to those who help me now i have understand .

                  thanks may the force be with u all ... :smokin: :snip: :afro:


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                    i need some help !!
                    so now i have set my 2 hardisk to raid o than when i install me i got no problem than now i have problem install xp can some want teach me how to install xp ??

                    cpu xp 1700+
                    mainboard kr7a-raid abit
                    ram samsung 266mhz 256mb
                    harddisk maxtor 40gb ata 100 5400rpm
                    maxtor 40gb ata 100 5400rpm
                    agp gainward gforce2 mx400 32mb

                    i also got some problem on me when i install me i cant install the display card driver 1st because it will couse the windows hang and i must install the via service pack 1st

                    in xp is while install xp it will hang in the midle and i need some help because in xp it will say is my gforece mx compatible problem before that i dint have this problem afer i have use raid than the problem happen can some teach me and tell me what is going on .