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Non raid use of raid connectors

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  • Non raid use of raid connectors

    I have an Asus A7V333 board with raid connectors. I'm not bothered about having a raid array but would like to use my 2 different size hard drives and my dvd and cdrw on different ide channels, i.e one hard drive on each of the raids, dvd on ide 1 and cdrw on ide 2.

    The main reason for not doubling up is to avoid speed reduction (one drive is ata33) and also to allow "on the fly" cd copying.

    Before stripping everything down and trying, does anyone know if this is possible - it is a Promise raid controller.


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    I wanted to set this up exactly as you!
    I used to ahave a GA7 DXR mobo and this was enabled for all four IDE connectors to be ATA enabled so you could put whatever you wanted on any of them. I was a little dissapointed not to find the same on the A7V.

    However, if you set the raid jumper to enable (It will scan HDD every boot and tell you there is an array - Ignore it) and connect just your main Hdd to one channel and your CD and DVD to IDE 1 & 2 you should be fine.

    My setup is as follows:

    IDE 1 = Plextor CD/RW
    IDE 2 = Toshiba DVD & Second HDD
    IDE 3 = Seagate Barracuda iv HDD (Boot device)
    IDE 4 = Empty!

    All work fine especially "On the fly" copying!!


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      Thanks Mobo.

      I tried this when first setting up the board and it didn't work but I may have confused this with a problem not being able to boot in jumper free mode.

      I'm putting all the bits into a new larger case in a couple of days so will try copying your set up then.


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        The same here on my mobo...(see the sig)