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Cheap RAID Enclosure needed

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  • Cheap RAID Enclosure needed


    Okay I have 8 x 300gb SATA II drives 3.25" (<$80 each on ebay)

    I have a RocketRAID 2220 card ($120 - eBay)

    So now I have a working 1.5TB RAID Array for under $800 - Excellent!

    BUT I have this whole mess as a frankenstein (frankenstien?) across 2 PC enclosures (its a long story)

    What I want is a CHEAP enclosure for all 8 drives - I do not want a motherboard, cards, or anything else in teh case - just the drives. I can hook it up to the PC with cables and an "Internal to External SATA Port Adapter"

    When I look for empty RAID enclosures I see crazy prices of $200 - $400 and even $1,000+ For goodness sake - its just a METAL BOX!

    I could strip all the junk out of a current, old PC case but it would be nice to have a new one. Obviously I'll need a power supply and a couple of fans but that's it.

    Any suggestions?