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Best way of Setting up a MSI MB with RAID MSI K7T turbo

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  • Best way of Setting up a MSI MB with RAID MSI K7T turbo

    I have done some searching and have found nothing on setting up this board for best preformance. I have 2 HD's one is on 0/0 40 gig 2 partitions= and the other is on the Raid. A single 20gig. Reason being for the raid is cdrom cdrw and zip drive on other IDE ports.
    Any ideas/help/experience much appreciated
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    If you want the best all-out performance, then you'll want to get yourself another 40GB hard drive that is the same as the one you currently have. You'll want the same ATA and RPM rates, and the same model is preferable. In this scenerio, it would allow you to set up your two 40GB drives in a RAID 0 array and allow you to have 80GB of drive space. After the RAID array is set up, you can partition this 80GB drive in any manner that you want. It will give you the performance boost of writing to both drives at the same time.

    You can RAID your two existing drives, but you would only have a 40GB drive to play with since the RAID will only double the smallest of the two drives. This would mean that your 40GB drive would only be using 20GB of it's available space.

    Another alternative is to pick up a PCI card that allows for additional IDE channels. You can get them pretty cheap, and this would work well for putting your optical drives on. That would also leave Channel #1 of your IDE chain free to handle both hard drives, and this would be the best performance without using RAID.

    Good luck. :)
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