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the best value, budget upgrade for me

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  • the best value, budget upgrade for me

    i want to know you guys opinion for my best value upgrade .
    first of all , sorry if my english are bad , its not my native language .
    my daily use :
    -most of the time iam multitasking;
    -browse web with 2-8 tab , reading article, facebook,twitter, youtube watching video/song,
    -playing java web based games ;
    -playing games on android emulator (bluestacks/memu/nox)ussualy pubg mobile,fortnite mobile,clash of clans
    -very rarely playing ps3 emulator games, 1 per month maybe
    -playing song with vlc in the background, or watching downloaded movies( keep the other task still running

    my current system/ last system that i have :
    core2quad Q8400 2,66ghz oc @2,9ghz using Intel stock cpu cooling;
    2x4gb ddr3 dual channel 1333 mhz;
    mobo lga 775;
    ssd x1 ;
    hdd x3 sata3 7200rpm;
    monitor 17 inch 1366x768 60hz ;
    msi gtx 650 oc 1 gb ddr5 .

    that system above always using 80-100% cpu usage
    but the vga under 60% n cpu temp always in 90-100c ;
    its already doesnt feel good playing on that system, laggy all over the place 😰😇 , that why im planning new upgrade build
    i hv eye on ryzen apu but cant decide the best value for performance in my daily use
    my plan =
    mobo asrock ab350pro4
    ram 2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz
    psu 80+bronze/gold
    cooler gammaxx 400
    no case, just going to sit it down on wood little table 😬
    what you guys think the best value budget for the cpu between 2200g n 2400g ???
    target == having higher performance than my old system with good future upgrade proof without over budget or over kill .
    hope you guys can give me some opinion or suggestion the best upgrade from my old system .
    thankyou so much in advance.

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    Re: the best value, budget upgrade for me

    If I am not mistaken your intel is about 5-7 years old. Going to AMD was my choice as well. I would probably choose a 6 or 8 cores ryzen cpu, i.e. ryzen7 or ryzen5 using the same mb and ram you chose and the leftovers from your old system. That's just me!!!