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Main bios checksum error GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0

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  • Main bios checksum error GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0


    I try to upgrade my old computer with phenom XII 810 and 2go Ram with XP into 10go Ram and windows 10.
    Before the upgrade I had this problem. I didn't install windows 10 yet.

    I have a problem when I switch on my computer. The bios is freeze with information RAM memory.
    The last message is DDR2 800 Ungranged mode.

    I can't use my keyboard to control the bios.

    I try to use my oId 2Go Ram. => didn't work

    I did CMOS reset, I get off the battery. => didn't work

    I did Bios Backup with dual bios recovery. => work for the first load then the same issue happen again after I switch off the computer.

    I'm trying now Q Flash of the main bios. I have FA version, I mean factory version. I want to upgrade to FD version (compatibility with AGESA Phenom XII)

    I don't know how to fix this problem...

    Thank you for your help.