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  • repeating tone from mainboard


    my lovly pc has a problem.

    i played hearthstone a game that doesnt need much ressources and my pc froze somehow, i could move my mouse but i couldnt enter desktop nor taskmanager, as i tried alt + cntrl + del the mouse stopt working too.

    so i manualy turned off the pc.
    as i turned it again on it made this high pitch sound in a fast interval. i counted 60 til it shut of. i dont know what mainboard it is just that its from gigabyte and has a dual bios. a i7 3770 is also on it.

    so after it made those 60 *bieps* it shuts down itself. and after a second it starts again showing me some "dualbios" and i can pres f9 and f12 and stuff but i think i cant because it does nothing when i push f9 or f12.

    it just shows me the screen for some second and turns itself off. no "bieps" while in the "dualbios phase".

    as it turns itself on it starts again with those 60 "beeps" until it shut downs himself again.

    what i tried:
    cpu fan

    those work.

    anyone a clue? :o