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  • need cheap board

    I had a ASUS P3E board with a P3 processer slot 1 and 1024 rambus 800 ram , that shorted out from a power failure, Im

    looking for a cheap board to ck. the ram & processer with as this ram cost a lot of money and i would like to see if it

    might work. Not looking to build a system just ck. the stuff. I now it got the power supply & motherboard but the video

    card, sound, TV card, and eartnet card were good as I have them in my new system. Sure would be nice if I could put that

    RAM on E-BAY help pay for this new system. THANK'S BUDDY
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    Re: need cheap board

    If I understand correctly, you are looking for a working P3E XXXX MB to verify the old ram and CPU is functional before tying to sell on eBay.

    Is that's correct, I would suggest asking a friend with a similar system to test for you.

    Otherwise, check out the current selling cost on eBay; you maybe surprised about how much it cost you vs. its value today.


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      Re: need cheap board

      Asus did not have a listing for a P3E board that I could find.

      It seems that board used DDR memory? As in not DDR2, and no chance DDR3.

      Looks like that board might have been an X38 chipset board? Finding one like that will be difficult.


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        Re: need cheap board

        Maybe here :
        x38 motherboard | eBay