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is my motherboard burned?

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  • is my motherboard burned?

    Hello i ordered a used motherboard from ebay,
    Today it arrived
    I tried to see if it works, by connenting the power supply for mobo and cpu, the ram, the cpu, the cpu fan, and the power switch,
    when for first time i swiched on the psu and pushed the power on botton, it started to work the psu, the cpu, and the cpu fan, i holded down the power on botton to shut down the system but it didn't stut down. after that i shutted it down by the psu switch.
    after that when i switch on the psu, the cpu, the cpu fan, and the psu are working without pressind the mobo power on switch, and it does not shut down until swiching off psu switch.

    i tried two different psu
    another compatible cpu
    amother compatible ram

    furthermore i changed the mobo battery

    the results are tha same

    the mobo is the ACER ASPIRE E650 S775 MOTHERBOARD MB.S4607.001 945G-M6 REV.1

    can you help me please?

    thank you