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Anything that will suit my needs other than Asrock 890FX Deluxe5?

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  • Anything that will suit my needs other than Asrock 890FX Deluxe5?

    I've looked at a lot of boards and so far the Asrock 890FX Deluxe5 seems to be the only one that meets all my requirements, but I wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions that I've missed.

    What the 890FX Deluxe5 gives me is:
    Suitable slot layout, leaving the top PCI-E x1 free, the next three slots occupied by my 6950 with Accelero Xtreme Plus II cooler, a PCI slot (2nd from bottom) for my TV tuner card and a PCI-E x8 above that if I want to Xfire (I'd have to lose the TV card for that, but could get a USB tuner in that eventuality). Before going Xfire, I could also stick a 25 HD 5450 in the bottom PCI-E x4 slot, which might come in handy for running MediaPortal (it doesn't always play nice when running my card in dual-screen, so having one card driving my TV and the other my monitor might help).

    Realtek ALC892 audio, supporting multi-streaming.

    Optical and Coaxial audio outputs (which I might never use, but it's nice to have both in case)

    8+2 phase power for overclocking

    SATA3 and USB3 (including one front USB3 header)

    Right-angled SATA headers (so the cables don't clash with my AXPII cooler)

    The only things I'm not sure about is that my Corsair Vengeance DDR3 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) isn't on the QVL, and whether my True Rev.C CPU heatsink with 120mm fan will fit, or will fit but block some of the RAM slots. Mind you, the only board I've seen that looks like the RAM slots have been spaced further from the CPU to avoid this is another Asrock board, the 890GX Pro3 which I'd probably get if the second PCI-E x16 was x8 rather than x4.

    The only other board that came close is the Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 but unfortunately that has Realtek ALC889 audio and doesn't support multi-streaming, which rules it out.

    EDIT: Hmm, just realised the 890FX Deluxe5 has the CMOS battery in an extremely stupid place, which has rather put me off it :(
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    Re: Anything that will suit my needs other than Asrock 890FX Deluxe5?

    It looks like the MSI 990FXA-GD80 might be my perfect board, and the slot layout suits me even better than the 890FX Deluxe5, but it's quite expensive at 150, so I'm still interested to know if there's any cheaper alternatives.