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do i have to update bios?

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  • do i have to update bios?

    in the near future i will be building a new system using a x58a -oc board. my guestion is do i really have to update the bios or can i just use the one on the boards disc? i have heard/read about failed bios updates and honestly doing it is kind of scary. if i have to do the update, whats the best way to do it?. by the way, this is my 1st build!



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    Re: do i have to update bios?

    If the bios on your board has a build in function to do so directly, its the best. For example most/all asus boards have EZ-Flash that can load a new bios directly from any disk attached to your system (usb, hdd, fdd, odd, etc)

    Otherwise I'd get and burn a bootable iso for it from the manufacturer (most have this), doing it from windows (or other OS) itself is the "most risky" as the OS can crash during the flash.


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      Re: do i have to update bios?

      You won't go wrong if you follow the procedure in
      Newer bios versions often have bug fixes and enhancements for better stability and performance.
      After reading the bios flashing guide, ask if you have additional questions.
      The safest way to go is to use QFlash and to avoid using @BIOS.