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MSI 645e Max2 LRU. When/Where?

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  • MSI 645e Max2 LRU. When/Where?

    I came across the MSI 645E Max LRU (MS-6567) motherboard some time ago and have been keenly waiting for it to arrive here in Australia. It was a pleasent surprise when I came across an Australian review of it here at Tweaktown,

    Then while flipping through the June edition of APC I discovered a full page(page 139) add from MSI for their new 845E, 845G and 645E boards. The add has now appeared in the July edition also. I know it was a bit foolish but as soon as I saw the add in June I went and ordered some 4 grands worth of components for a machine I will be assembling. Everything is here except the motherboard.

    The trouble started when my usual supplier could not get the board. Then when I contacted all the compaines listed in the add they either claimed no knowledge of the board or stated that MSI does NOT intend to bring it into Australia! This seems a bit strange considering all the advertising and that MSI have supplied a board to TweakTown for review.

    Does anyone know when/where I could purchase one of these boards. I would prefer within Australia if possible but an online store in another country who will ship internationally would be OK too. I'm feeling a bit silly and anxious so any help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.