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ASUS A8V CMOS Checksum Bad

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  • ASUS A8V CMOS Checksum Bad


    Last night, my pc went a little weird.

    Normally on boot up, first screen is Graphic card details, then the next screen details the BIOS etc.... after which it runs through my hard drive channels etc... before loading up windows.

    Yesterday, a green screen with the Asus logo on appeared giving me the option to enter setup or to view the POST (or something similar, sorry, working from memory!). After which it then beeped and told me the CMOS checksum was bad and allowing me to press f1 to enter setup or f2 to load defaults.

    I loaded the defaults, and eventually was able to boot and get into the BIOS and reset the hardrive boot sequence.

    My question is what exactly has happened! My pc now boots straight to windows, but this green Asus screen now appears as the second screen and I get no info on my BIOS, essentially I think my POST has changed somehow. My initial thoughts were that maybe my CMOS battery had died?
    Before I go ahead and change it, do you guys have any idea what might have occured?



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    Re: ASUS A8V CMOS Checksum Bad

    The battery is my first thought. If this does not take care of the problem, then you will likely have to replace chips on the mainboard itself.
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