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  • HELP! advice needed soon!

    I need opinions fast, my girlfriends computer is, err... DEAD (i think).
    What i think it is is the motherboard, the computer is a Packard Bell (hers not mine) iconnect 733R, and the motherboard is a GA-6WMM7 rev 4.1, and it has an on board intel i810, what has happend is the video card is now putting up massive glitches, and restarting once it starts to load windows.
    I have tried everything from installing a PCI graphics card (that worked but still resarted), HD (with different install of windows), removing all non esential hardware, restoring to orginal state, reseting the cmos, and also different monitor, and psu.
    Tried booting in safe mode still didn't work :(
    The stupid thing is only about 1 month out of warranty and i found a suitable MB but i don't want to rush out and buy it and discover the same prob.
    so please give you opinions, because i have loaned her mine till i get it fixed, and the last thing i loaned her she now calls hers (i really miss that jumper:( )

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    for what it is worth, I had the same problem with my gateway. I am curious if your problem video card is a tnt2 32mb card? I dont know if it matters or not but somehow my video card and agp slot on my motherboard got fried. there is no fan on the tnt2 video card and my case from gateway had very poor circulation. I also tried a pci videocard and still no go.
    Also my computer would beep 3 times then restart or sometimes just lock up. I dont know what good my ramblings can do you but my bet is that your agp slot is bad or something got too hot on the motherboard. wait until someone else gives there opinion though, before you act. Some of these guys are really sharp and if they disagree, go with what they say.


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      Well friday had a thought, what if it's the RAM rushed back in to town after work pulled out the dimm that was in bank0 and put the one frome bank1 in and BANG! it worked so i went in to town and brought her an 128 chip so it ended up with an upgrade, the leson: Never buy a brand name computer, or Samsung products :D :D :D