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ga7-vrxp help/feedback needed

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  • ga7-vrxp help/feedback needed

    For some time now i own ga7-vrxp mobo (rev. 2.0).

    Since I upgraded my cpu (to new applebred duron) i want to use 166 MHz system bus (slight oc, but this proc does not event warm up by 1 degree of celsius when overclocked some 350-400 Mhz .

    There is a problem though. I can easily hit 166 Mhz FSB, even the 1/5 PCI divider can be achived (although using an odd trick), but after switching the power off this sole value (166 Mhz FSB) is lost, and back to 133 Mhz. All other settings are saved correcly in CMOS. I prefer not to hibernate my PC instead of switching it off for some reasons, so this is a propblem really.

    Looks like you cannot store oc fsb in cmos, which is really weird.

    Anyone can help?

    The second thing is about much more serious matter. OC my proc with 166 FSB is still not too high for it (it can easily hit 2100, and some claim even 2400 Mhz) i would like to use something about 200 fsb. But without the correct divider ... you know, quite impossible.

    And there is what i think of:
    on my pcb there is a place to solder a large 5 segment dip-switch, and it is even described on pcb. Only two segments are to be of any use, and responsible for ther divider (up to 1/6 for fsb 200). But the dip-switch itself is absent.

    So I soldered a dip-switch, actually not I myself, but as i work in a very large electronic factory this wasn't a problem at all.

    Tried it last night, and i cannot say it doesn't work. If it didn't it would do nothing, but it does something, but not the thing i would expect. After changing the state of the switch i can hear only my CD-ROM drive reseting all the time.

    After re-seting the switch to default (i mean off, the same as lack of switch) computer started but did not reach windows (lock on windows loading screen), and after that even worse, there were troubles even to post and enter bios.

    After few minutes everything was back to good and there is no problem.

    Anybody tried it before me? (I don't believe nobody tried, there are people who make much serios mods than soldering a dipswitch to where it is designed to go). Any comments?

    Oh, and one thing, it's not about the temperature of the proc, it's cold as a grave, no more than 5 degres from my room temperature and mobo reports some 20 degres of celsius, lol.

    I'm really pissed off with this, but i'm not going to buy a new mobo, as i'm "a little bit" short at the moment and will wait for a good Opteron chipset to apear before upgrading).
    And by the way i really like the mobo

    / Najort

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    OK the KT333 chipset was only designed to support 133MHz FSB processors though it can be jacked up to 166MHz (the last AGP/PCI divider possible for it) as I have the same mobo here (plus a couple of others based on the same chipset) and have built a few other PC's with that mobo but your most probable prob is the CPU that ya usin' as there as there isn't a BIOS that properly supports that CPU core which is likely why the overclocked FSB is fallin' back. Addin' the dipswitch block though is something I wouldn't even contemplate.