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odd ddr ram/bios lockup

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  • odd ddr ram/bios lockup

    I have my MSI 6561 (sis745) running on 512mb's of xms corsair 2700 ddr ram and I found a stick of kingston 2700 value ram of 256mb so I tried to install it as well. However whenever I boot up either with or without the corsair it hangs at the bios screen.

    The odd thing is though, that I can get into windows and run perfectly stable by entering bios and then exiting making no changes (if changes are made it'll reboot and I have the same hanging problem). I've run memtest and it showed no problems with the ram as well. Any idea if this a motherboard or bios glitch, would flashing the bio possibly help? Just seems odd the ram works perfectly well in system but wont allow the pc to boot without the work around bios solution.

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    It sounds just like a hardware incompatability between the mobo and that particular memory which even while not very common now days can still happen.


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      Since it works if I boot up and enter then exit bios without changing anything is there any potential danger on doing this whenever I start up instead of removing the ram? It seems to run perfectly well when i'm actual in windows.


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        There is the chance that corruption of files could happen but I'd find the startup proceedure to annoyin' to leave it in there anyway.