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    Hey guys,
    Well I have an MSI mobo. And I decided to try AIDA32. It said that that my bios is two years old. So I guess I'll update it.

    But when At the site this is all I could find MS-6367 .Now I'm unsure if I should use that bios. Because on AIDA32 it says that my mobo is Ms-6367N2.

    What do you guys think? Thanks.

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    Are you having any problems?

    If not, I would recommend leaving it alone.


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      I agree.
      If you are having some bugs that you cant pinpoint, its woth a shot. otherwise not nesscessary.
      Maybe look to see the description of what the bios update does? and see if its relevant to you at all.
      Some of them update for new chips etc.


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        actually, i tend to encourge people maintain the latests bios versions. There are often minor updates not listed, among other things. Not to mention that when a true need arrises for a new bios, it is rarely convient to get one. However, that is only for people that know what they are doing and are comfotable with it.

        In any case, if you are not 100% sure if it is the right bios for you, do not use it. Do a little digging and searching, perhaps even shoot an emilal to MSI and ask them to make sure it is the correct one for you. If you know the risks and are not comfortable with it, then only update your bios when it's necessary.


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          Ok thanks for repling.


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            How do you update yer bios?


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              Originally posted by DaemonLee
              How do you update yer bios?
              Take a look in your mobo manual, each manufacturer does it a little different. But you will need a bootable floppy and the latest bios file from the manufacturer's website. Be warned, however, that if you screw it up in some way or the power goes out during the update you could possibly render your mobo useless.


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                Mmmm...I'll just be leavin' my Mobo alone, it's already too much Unstable.