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  • Motherboard&Memory Limit

    Hi am running an ancient P3 450Mhz system. I read on the crucial website that the motherboard on this system can only support a max of 256mb ram. Lo and behold I upped the memory and it is true. So my question is: Is there anyway we can get the motherboard to recognise more memory than 256mb (apart from changing the motherboard)?
    I am not sure what motherboard is in the system. It's one of these Tiny systems. The paperwork with it says something to the note of MS 440ZX chipset (could that refer to the motherboard?) as otherwise there is no other mention which resembles anything which may look like a motherboard. :(

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    MS = MSI

    440ZX = Intel chipset

    Without knowin' the actual model number of the board it's hard to say for sure but they did vary from 256-512MB though here will help identifyin' the board in question. If the limit is 256MB then there's no way to change it.


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      thanks wiggo. checked the site out but still can't seem to find out the motherboard make. Oh well I'll leave it for a few months and then build a new more up2date system anyway.
      Thanks for your help.
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        The make is MSI (MicroStar International) which uses an MS-xxxx number for the model number though it's likely that it's an OEM mobo which means that MSI doesn't give details about it (non OEM mobo's have this number clearly marked on the mobo itself) but pls give us some details on what ya require from ya new system b4 ya buy as to make sure that the right parts for a good one that will do what ya want.