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Help!! My PC just reboots suspiciously..

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  • Help!! My PC just reboots suspiciously..

    I recently got my RAM for warranty I guess.. They said its new.. but recently my pc just turn off and reboot while I'm doing my work on the pc .. is it gotta do with the RAM.. how can I identify wheater the RAM is new or fixed?Thanks..

    *sorry for my bad English


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    Run Memtest86 to check the memory. Also go, Control Panel/System, now in System Properties go to the Advanced Tab, under Startup and Recovery click on the Settings button and then untick Automatically Restart under System Failure, now this should give ya a blue screen with error code instead of just restartin' but the past errors should also be found the Control Panel/Admin. Tools/Event Veiwer and under both Applications and System you'll find the logs to past errors (check out the red flagged errors).


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      Did you mix it with another stick?

      A friend had the same problem after he installed some new ram, it was generic and it was crap.