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  • PSU connector

    what the heck is a PSU connector? i need to get myself a HSF and a VGA cooler. the VGA cooler requires for me to use the motherboard fan header. which means i dont have a power output for the HSF.

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    just get a 3-4 pin connector and plug it into another molex plug

    by the way, how are we supposed to give you an idea where to look for a 3 pin mobo header when you don't tell us what kind of mobo you have :?:

    if you really want to plug it into the mobo (which is not necessary and not recommended by me) then get out your mobo manual and look it up, assuming your mobo has an extra header


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      The fan header on your Mobo should be labeled for your CPU. I wouldn't use that for your video card.
      You need to get a couple 3 to 4 adapter like minibubba suggested.
      Plug your video card and PSU into a molex connector, use an inline adapter if you don't have one open.
      If you can, use the 3 wire plug and plug it into your mobo header with the yellow wire attached. This is for your fan RPM. That way you can still use the mobo monitor to see what your fan RPM is. So you will have the two, power and ground, running off the molex connector to your cpu, and your video card. Then the rpm, yellow wire, coming off your HSF and plugged into the mobo header.
      Your motherboard should have at least 2 fan headers. One for the PSU(power supply) and one for the CPU. Unless of course your only has one for the CPU. Check your manual to see. It could have a 3rd one.



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          thanks so much guys!!