I am looking to purchase 32GB of this memory, and found some Amazon reviews saying they were using single rank sticks, which would seem very unusual for a more premium 16GB stick in a 32Gb configuration?
After also watching both GamersNexus/Hardware Unboxed reviews regarding the performance differences between single and dual rank memory sticks, and I'd rather purchase 4x8GB identical single rank sticks that will perform as dual rank in this configuration, than risk getting 2x16GB sticks that are single rank.
I'm using a Ryzen 5800X3D, which has a strong IC and there's also evidence that Ryzen 5000 has better performance with 4 sticks than with two in some CPU/Memory sensitive workloads/games.
TeamGroup are being very elusive/ambiguous when I've asked so I wanted to ask the community here in the hope someone can shed more light on this while I still have time to cancel my 32GB (2x16GB) order and just buy 4x8GB sticks of the same kind (sold in kits of two).