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suspect bad memory V-Color TD2G16C9-Z8 2GB chips

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  • suspect bad memory V-Color TD2G16C9-Z8 2GB chips

    Fans burnt up and think my memory has been compromised. Where is a good place to get replacement memory sticks. Original is "V-Color TD2G16C9-Z8" ? Should I get that brand or go with a different manufacturer?

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    Re: suspect bad memory V-Color TD2G16C9-Z8 2GB chips

    I never heard of a CPU fan malfunction cause damage to RAM modules, if that is your case I assume. Even a toasted CPU hardly damage its socket.

    Since you're considering a replacement, I say almost any stick will go as long as it matches your motherboard RAM socket. However, some motherboard is picky even if you got a matching RAM type (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, ECC etc) to its onboard socket. Your stick is 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3 240pin with 1.5v CL9. There're too many brand to recommend, within this range, depending on your budget and RAM support list issued by your motherboard. Im using Kingston ValueRam as it's cheap and easily available in any store within my reach.

    Visit any PC hardware shop and just say "gimme a 2GB ddr3 for pc" should rings a bell to the keeper. He might ask 1333 or 1600? Just go for 1333. Just in case, bring the dead stick too.

    But like I said, even if you got the right RAM for your motherboard, it may not like it. RAm stick is like a box of choc, you'll never know what you'll get. XD.

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