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g43TWINS and DDR3 ram problem...

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  • g43TWINS and DDR3 ram problem...

    Hi ya all, i have the G43 TWINS-FULLHD (1.90) and 8 GB of 1066 DDR3 valueram. CPU is CORE2QUAD Q8400(fsb 1333)
    the manual says about JUMPER settings: DDR2!! 1066 has to be 1-2 and 4-5 i believe. Doesnt matter..
    Is the same setting also for DDR3? cause thats what bothers me... nothing in the manual about DDR3 or should it be on DEFAULT.
    SIW(topala) says BIOS gives wrong values for ram.

    2nd question..
    Several webshops say 10600 1333mhz ram is also suitable for G43. But ASROCK gives DDR3 1066 as max. Also the vendor list is from way back 2009!!

    plz help me on jumper settings...

    tnx Doc

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    Re: g43TWINS and DDR3 ram problem...

    The relation of jumpers that I see is only if you OC the CPU and have DDR2, I see nothing about changing default jumper for DDR3.

    The only thing I see you need to do is make sure that you install DDR3 only in A1 and B1

    So, because the manual say's noting in relation to DDR3, this means that they stay on default.


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      Re: g43TWINS and DDR3 ram problem...

      odiebugs tnx for the reply, im ashamed i missed the OC part, didnt read that very good i guess.
      i will search for the right settings...

      tnx again doc