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  • OCing RAM

    Im planning to buy a new system and I do plan to overclock it. The reason I want to OC is because I want to get better gaming performance. As far as OCing CPU and VGA does improve gaming performance, im wondering that OCing RAM will also give me significant improvement in gaming. Is there a big gap (say 3D Mark scores or fps in games) between system with OCing CPU n VGA only compared to system with OCing CPU, VGA n RAM? The reason is because is it worth spending more money getting good OC RAM than value RAM? Because I heard some people said OCing RAM only give small improvement on gaming. So any experts can give me advise?

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    Re: OCing RAM

    Depends on the platform. Don't bother OCing a Pentium 4 system without OCing the RAM, too. It's actually disadvantageous to overclock a Socket A system without leaving the RAM and FSB at the same speed, which requires faster RAM, provided you don't have an unlocked CPU.

    An Athlon 64 system, on the other hand can gain very significant advantages with overclocked memory, but doesn't need to overclock it's RAM to take advantage of overclocking the CPU. It doesn't need to do either to get an advantage from overclocking the video card. If it's an Athlon 64 system in question (which it should be, since you're getting a new system), and money is tight, value RAM is fine. A 1GB dual-pack for ~$90 will be just fine.


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      Re: OCing RAM


      My system would be:
      Athlon 64 3200+ skt 939 Venice (one of the reasons I want to OC)
      Leadtek GeForce 6600GT Extreme
      DFI NF4 Ultra mobo

      I assume value RAM is fine for my system. Say Im willing to stretch my budget and buy OC RAM. Would I get far better result in gaming performance from OC RAM than value RAM? Can someone give some roughly percentage of performance difference between OC RAM vs Value?

      BTW OC RAMs that Im considering are:

      Which one is better?


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        Re: OCing RAM

        The more expensive is better (or so it says, but that may just be marketing), but I wouldn't restrict myself to those two. The best OCing RAM out there would be OCZ VX. If that's too expensive, any TCCD RAM is good, such as Crucial Ballistix PC3200 and OCZ PC3200 Platinum Enhanced Latency rev. 2. Can't remember which Corsair model, though I think it may be the one you posted.

        But I would't bother if you're just getting a 6600GT. You'll see little to no performance improvement in games with overclocked memory if you're using a 6600GT.

        As for how much it helps, it depends. Say you get VX and have a 50% increase in the RAMs speed. That could mean anywhere from 2% to 20% in a game, depending on the video card and its overclock, game, and CPU and its overclock. It all depends.
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          Re: OCing RAM

          The reason im getting 6600GT because im planning to upgrade it to next gen card. So better OC on CPU, VGA, RAM results better performance ... thanks Yawgm0th. Btw compared with 2 RAMs I just posted how bout this one:


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            Re: OCing RAM

            It's basically OCZ VX PC4000 2-2-2 that hasn't been tested. It has the potential to run quite high.
            I'd say it's perfect if you're getting a DFI nForce 4 motherboard.