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COuld ram cause cpu problems?

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  • COuld ram cause cpu problems?

    Ie could it cause the cpu to run at a slower speed? I have RK Byte ram 1 512 PC2100 and a newer RK Byte 512 PC2100/2700 (salesguy said thats the only way they get them now and they are compatible with PC2100). My multiplier still wont go back to 13x. Stuck at 6.5x (and no its not a mobile XP2000 like some people tried to tell me). Just trying to eliminate possible problems.

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    Re: COuld ram cause cpu problems?

    The memory should work just fine together if it is running at PC2100 speeds. Since you say the multiplier won't budge from 6.5, it may be either the processor or more likely the motherboard is getting ready to croak on you.