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What are the options to share internet on two computers?

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  • What are the options to share internet on two computers?

    My friend had been using Winroute before in order to share internet connection between 2 pc. The first PC w/ modem needs to be connected to the internet in order for the 2nd pc to have an internet connection.

    But it seems that she's always having some problem with winroute. She's a novice user and sometimes, she unwittingly change some settings which will cause winroute to malfunction.

    What other ways can we share internet connection between two pc that are connected through crossover cable? I don't prefer using a router since this will cost a lot. She's using it for personal usage only in her home.

    By the way, both computers are using windows 98 as operating system.

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    Will, without a router, you're limited to software solutions. If your machines are Win98 SE, you could use it's built in ICS. Or find another software solution, maybe WinProxy.

    A router is the best solution. They aren't that expensive. I've seen them around 89$. If that's less than the cost of the time you would spend constantly dealing with WinRoute or a software solution, I would get a router.



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      If your are using a 56k modem i dont think a router would do you any good, if its broadband that it would be the easiest.

      Also just for clarification 98SE isnt the only one that has ICS, win ME, 2K, and XP have it too.
      I use ICS on 3 PC setup and it works great.


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        Right, but Win98 SE is the lowest to support ICS.



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          My friend is using a 56k modem to connect to the internet. Our means of connecting to the internet here on our place is only thru dial up networking. So I guess hardware router is out of the option.

          Anybody here who can assist me on the internet connection sharing?


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            If it's about transferring data between PC's you can probably find it here;
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              Originally posted by carlo_um
              So I guess hardware router is out of the option.
              Not quite, 3com makes some good dialup routers, check here:

              The 3C886A-US can be had for $185 on pricewatch.

              I'll see what I can find to help you with ICS though.

              edit: here's what I got:

              just go to "ICS on Win98SE/ME" on the left
              that should be all you need.


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                I think windows help should have a tutorial on how to install ICS as well.;)