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Need help wit the NIC

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  • Need help wit the NIC

    well, i wouldnt call it critical help, but...
    I live in a dorm on a network, and typically i get d/l speeds at around 150Kb/s (1.2MBit) and dslreports says im at 3.8 MBit (475Kb/s)
    My problem is this guy down the hall is getting 500-1000Kb/s (4-8MBit) and I would like to get that too. He's not just pulling my leg either. I've seen it. Of course it does vary depending on the website, but i've gone to the same places.
    He's running Win98 (me is XP) and other normal parts. 3Com 905c. Me is realtek 8139 somethin. What to do?

    Am i getting greedy with the bandwidth?

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    I'm always greedy when it comes to my bandwidth ;)

    one thing you might want to do is turn the QOS down to 0, check this link

    and here's an article on tweaking ur MTU settings;EN-US;q120642

    good luck :D


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      OK thanks for the info wuntvor. I'll check it out. Do you think his NIC makes the difference thou? XP should run faster on the LAN than 98, when tweaked, right?

      Oh, yeah, and my other post about the 3.8 and the 1.2 on the other thread was more bragging about speed than asking for help. But I appreciate your direction anyway.


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        if he is running a 100/10 and you are only running at 10 (which i think is a 10 card from memory, it's the same as mine) and it runs pretty slow

        so yeah it could be your NIC
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          You only need a 10mbps nic for broadband as it won't use the total bandwidth available. :smokin:
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            if you are using a nic, DONT mess with MTU settings, they do nothing for lan connectoins, only modems. if you are using 95/98/me/nt/2k, check out this site. Lots of info on tweaking your connection using your defaultrecievewindow. works great. check this out:
            (i was limited only by his u/l speed.)
            download windows media player 7.1 after you run the reg tweak, and i hit 450k d/l with it...not too shabby! :)
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              i think if anything was gunna hold you back it'd be the fact u have a realtek 10/100 NIC whereas they have a real NIC being from 3COM.

              QOS is another possibility, what about if your computer is hooked up where the other guy is? dodgey cable/cabling maybe...


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                Please don't bag Realtek cards - in a corporate environment they aren't the best (mainly due to lack of management tools) but in a home settings they are nice. Make sure they are from a reputable manufacturer - Mum and I use either Acer ALN-201 (Realtek 8029) or ALN-330 (Realtek 8139) cards and have NEVER had a problem.

                Some operating systems such as Solaris like the expensive 3Com and Intel cards, but some forms of Linux only like Realtek! Go figure... :?:

                So for home users a Realtek based card from a good manufacturer is the way to go - at $30 a card as opposed to over $100 a card is a big difference ;)
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                  Well, in his situation (being in a dorm) i would suggest burning his realtek at the stake.

                  Anyway, I gots a realtek 8029 in me celery & linux box, absolutley nothing wrong with them for a small network. A network larger than say, 20 people, each playing a game and/or sharing files and the realtek becomes a burden and you will wish you spent the extra money on a decent NIC.

                  I have a D-Link DFE 550tx in my main box for that very reason. (the realtek just couldnt cut the traffic at a LAN)

                  3COMs are the bees knees, but expensive. Yet I really do think thats why he is getting better performance than you.


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                    Originally posted by Bahamut Zer0
                    3COMs are the bees knees, but expensive.
                    Yeah well i think im going to buy me a 3Com. I got a rich neighbor who lives next to mum that thinks he needs my help to install Cable High speed, maybe i could get him to buy a 3Com and pop the Realtek in his machine...