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  • Networking !??!?!!?!

    i have two computers hooked up to a router, which is hooked up to a dsl modem.... both computers can access the internet but cannot see each other!!! any suggestions ?????

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    ok you want to throw some stats our way as to what OS are u using and so on. If you are using windows 98 then install the netBEUI protocall by rightclicking on Network Neighborhood and going to Add protocall also make sure that in thouse options you enable file sharing and printer sharing if you need. If you have WIn XP then you only need the TCP IP installed in order for it to work and file sharing enabled. also in both systems check to make sure they are on the same Workgroup im going to guess taht this is probobly your problem all thease options can be found in the Network Neighborhood options. O forgot to mention one thing if you plan to play some older lan games install the IPX protocall on both PCs


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      If he can access the internet, he's got TCP/IP.
      Try looking at the workgroup, and if its 98 do what MaxPowers said and install netBEUI. If your running two different OS's, do the suggested for each OS on each PC (do both) and if youve got a Win95 machine, make sure the subnets are the same ( actually make sure theyre the same anyway...

      Also, make sure your not using static IP addressing as the router and the DHCP server at the DSL company will auto-give you IP's.


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        woah guys.. settle down.. We just need to establish a few things first.

        I'm assuming that you know how to view the IP address on each machine, if not then let us know. What you need to do is get to a command line (For NT / 2000 / XP, go to Run - cmd, for 9x / ME, go to Run - command) and type 'ping' where is the IP address of the other computer. If you get a positive response that means that they are actually communicating. Let us know how that goes.