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Need lan and wan info please!!

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  • Need lan and wan info please!!

    What is the best set up for gaming and surfing the web on 3-5 computers,I aready have a switch I used for gaming now i have a cable modem.I tried using the onboard lan and another lan card (dlink) in the computer,but this only results into game reboots or system reboots.I can play for awhile then crash.I heard router is best for internet but a switch is best for gaming ,I realize they have router/switches but when i just use the switch alone with onborad lan I have good luck gaming.Please let me know about good working setups..I would like all computers to game online at once...........................

    soyo dragon +
    [email protected] 12*150fsb
    8500 retail @300/600
    maxtor 60 gb
    ocz pc2400 256 meg
    windows xp home

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    maybe something like this would suit you better,, though your problem atm is probably IRQ related with the 2 nics. ;)


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      Or the Compex NP16 which I just ordered:
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        If you've already got yourself a small switch, then just get a basic cable router and plug it into the switch. I personally use a Netgear RP114, which has an inbuilt 4 port switch, and serves all my networking needs.. :)