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Tweaking guide for ADSL/DSL problems.

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  • Tweaking guide for ADSL/DSL problems.

    I’m trying to speed up my ADSL DSL with winXP pro.

    Can’t change my MTU with Dr.TCP. So i think i can follow the guide for Ethernet users ??

    My setup is a s follows 1. Internet – 2. ADSL / DSL – 3. Router – goes from my router to my station pc and to my laptop.

    And i have winXP and i can't find the “max string” in “000n” directoryn...? Is there an other path to that in XP maybye???

    Appreciate if someone could help me ...Please .. I tested my connection on www.dslreports and got 570kbps(download) and 600kbps(upload) would be nice if i could tweak that..


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    Basically it ain't worth tryin' to tweak out any Windows NT oses as most likely your connection will be the bottleneck anyway unless you can afford ultrafast connections as the os is pretty well optimized already. Windows 9x oses are the ones that really need the tweaking to optimize their performance in this area. Remember that the bandwidth that you use must also be shared with others at some point. ;)


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      Ok ,Thanks....
      but my upload is faster than my download so i think there must be something to do about that.And the guide here is not for winXP users...or ????
      so is there anybody who has a tip which key's to edit in the register, or something else perhaps ?????


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        Wiggo wrote
        "Basically it ain't worth tryin' to tweak out any Windows NT oses as most likely your connection will be the bottleneck "

        So there is none... who is running on winXP and have DSL and havent tweaked the speed ????

        Sorry to hear that ! :?:


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          I'll try it this way, see my sig below, well the right hand half contains links to details of my 6 PC's which are 50/50 - SE/XP. All 3 XP PC's are un-tweaked on the cable here and do the same speeds as the 3 SE PC's which have been thorougly tweaked for broadband use. Now if those 3 SE PC's happened to get faster results than the XP ones then I'd be into them XP ones real quick to fix it but as there is no difference this is certainly tellin' me something (un-tweaked the SE PC's are miles behind the XP's). ;)


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            Here is a little gossip for ADSL users out there. ADSL is an achronym for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop. Meaning That your up load IS slower that your download. 128k up and 1meg down is fairly common in the USA. This is not a problem for most people since downloading is where max data transfer is needed. DSL is actually different than ADSL in that it has the same speed uploading as it does downloading. Problem with it is that it is usually at speeds much slower than ADSL download.
            Bottom line is that there is absolutely nothing you can do to make your upload as fast as your download if you have adsl. You can increase and tweak your download speed however. It is only worth wild if you have Windows 98 or 95. You can probably get a 25% increase with them.
            Windows NT, 2000, and Xp were developed to incorporate broadband and tweaking should not be needed.