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Setting up a FTP server at home

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  • Setting up a FTP server at home

    I'm hoping to set up an FTP server on my home network. I have 3 machines hooked up to a 4 port Linksys Cable/DSL Router (Model: BEFSR41). I'd preferably like to use a win based machine to do this, but I'd be willing to try linux (I've just started using it recently).

    My question. What is the best way to do this, in a secure fashion? I was only able to get it to work by downloading a free ftp server off of (caesar ftp), and making the ftp server the dmz host on the router. I don't think that's too secure for my network though, considering dmz host opens my computer up to the 'net. I don't really know much about opening ports, on my router (maybe someone with a similar router can help me?), and I'm not totally sure if that's what I'm trying to do here. I'm not great with networking, and I was hoping someone in a similar situation could give me a few pointers, maybe some links with further reading that might help me get this done. Anything would be appreciated.

    Thanks ahead!

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    Back in my days of a Windows Server i had tested _a lot_ of FTP servers...the one that i stuck with and liked was Bulletproof FTP that is easy to setup and worked straight out of the box was Serve-U...but ill stand by Bulletproof for windows :) dunno how their newer versions hold up against maybe some newer competitors though...its an ever changing market :)

    oh, and Bulletproof costs $$$ that may turn you off..
    At the request of wiggo ;)


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      You don't even need to make your computer opened as a DMZ host (only if you want). Basically just make sure you forward port 21.

      What kind of internet do you have? Is your wan ip static or dynamic?

      Basically I'll just tell you waht I did. I have a dynamic wan ip. So you want to go to (its free) and create yourself an account. You can have unlimited URL's. And then you download the application called DUC20. And you want this running as a service in the background. And every 30 minutes (that's default I set it up 5) it'll update your IP with there servers bringing your URL in sync with that address. Now you just need an FTP host. I personally use Serve-U but I have a friend who uses something else although not as good. After doing this you should be fine.


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        Serv-u rules, to bad it aint free.


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          Cool, thanks for the help everyone. One more question... how do I setup port 21 to forward? I've never done it before. Maybe someone using the same router as myself could help? (model number contained in my original post). I'll try to dig up my instruction manual, but so far I haven't had any luck.

          Thanks again!

          Edit: Using a dynamic IP. I'll check out as well.


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            Forwarding ports should be under something called virtual server. I don't have your router but I"m assuming the basics of all home routers are the same. Forwarding ports are all based on the same princibal. Just mark the port you want forwarded for your specific IP. 192.168.xx.xx. Then just enable it.