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DSL Tweaking???

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  • DSL Tweaking???

    I just did the Tweak on my DSL found in the guide section.

    I changed my MTU to 1492 (checked the system reg, and it did say 1492, so I assume it worked), and my TCP to 60000!!! Still didn't make a diffrence.

    When I clocked my download, it was around 1150 down, and 136 up. Is that normal? The perhaps I'm capped out? I noticed on the authors he downloaded over 5000, on an ADSL line (which is what I think I have. I have a non static standard DSL subscription with the external modem). Should I also be able to tweak my system out to 5000, my provider is SBC (southwestern bell, and I'm going through a router if that changes anything)...

    Thanks for the help all.

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    First of all what os are you using? Also what speeds does your ISP state that your connection is capable of but also remember that the further away from an exchange you are then the slower your connection will be. :smokin:


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      Here's an excellent site for info about broadband:


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        I am running windows XP Pro.

        (I thought DSL packages were the same, but...) They claim 1.5 down, and I'm not sure about up... I really could care less about up load.

        Thanks for the help.


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          My favorite Broadband site.Check out the forums:thumb:
          Answer the 11 questions and you will get all the help you need;)


          Goodluck and happy tweaking :D
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