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    I want to know what hardware i would need to set up wireless networking. Its to replace the cat5 cabling that has decided not to work any more! I have a cable connection running through a D-Link DI-804 gateway and I don't want to have to junk it.

    I have had a look at most of the manufacturers web sites and can't get the information i need!

    Hopefully someone here has the knowledge:D

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    You should only need a wireless access point (a wireless hub, you won't need the router type) and possibly a crossover ethernet cable (depends on the hardware you get) to hook up to the router, and a wireless nic (pci or usb) for each machine.


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      I'm a bit confused because of the gateway and what connects to it. You say I need a wireless nic for each machine which means i that i wont have a conection to the gateway:confused:

      Would be more elaborate in your explanation:?:


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        Here ya go :thumb:

        <img src=>


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          Koooooooooooooooool d00000000000d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Nice pic - explains everything:D


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            You need to change your handle to "Leonardo".


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              Now that's one un organised pic there.... :D


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                Mingus is a badass. I love the pic, especially the "Magic" wireless cabling.

                But i would recommend buying a WAP (wireless access point) router instead. You can hookup more PC's by patch cable later (instead of buying a wireless card for 50$US for a PC that going to sit next to the Gateway and Router, redundant), or you can share network ready printers (very nice) and its typically only $175ish US for a WAP Router whereas a WAP hub is 100$US.

                But then again you can always spend twice the money and get 802.11a stuff and use 5 times the bandwidth between PC's (im sure your internet isnt 54mbps, so you dont get 5 times the internet bandwidth, duh)

                802.11b is old and runs at 2.4 Ghz (same as wireless phones, maybe a problem) and gets 11mbps

                802.11a is new and runs at 5 Ghz (no phone problem) and gets 54mbps

                and remember if you have no 2.4 Ghz wireless phones and you dont plan on file sharing between PC's only the internet, the "A" standard is useless for you.

                and to stop you guys from criticizing me now, wireless phones arent going to cause ghostlike file creation during transfers or stop the connection altogether, they just cut down on bandwidth because the PC has to go back to the WAP and then back to the other PC, or back the the gateway for internet, and resend what was sent. Its not something you'd notice for internet bandwidth, but possibly if your moving a 30gig folder between two PC's and you turn on the phone to make a call, you may notice the bandwidth go down a little.

                My explanation wasnt as nice mingus', but the moral is to find out EXACTLY what would work to get the job you need done, and then price it out, as well as know different technologies.

                Disclaimer: before writing a "i dont get it, please explain" post, read it again, its all there.


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                  It's good to get lots of ideas but I have already parted with the cash!

                  I have taken delivery of a D-Link DWL-900AP+ wireless access point that will be hooked up to the DI-804 residential gateway. Also I have bought a DWL-520+ wireless adapter for the remote PC.

                  I am not concerned too much about bandwidth and only need the remote machine to have access to the internet and email.

                  I have a third PC connected to the gateway and want to run an ftp server on it but have run into trouble because my freinds can't connect to it. I have enabled port redirection and set the server to use passive mode. Also I have made sure that the firewall is configured correctly and still no joy!!

                  I must have overlooked something obvious and need someone to point me in the right direction!


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                    Not sure never ran an ftp server before, what OS are you using for it?
                    Maybe the gateway and the hub are blocking some DHCP ip function. You might have had to get a router. Not sure. Anyone???