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Issues With Netgear FA311\312

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  • Issues With Netgear FA311\312

    Each time I start my machine, I have to un-install the NIC drivers, then do "Add New Hardware" to get connected to the interent via Cable.

    I am not connecting thorugh any routers, and no USB.
    My board is a Tyan S1854 Trinity 400
    Windows XP PRO SP1

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    Not too sure about that one. I've got two of those cards and I'm not having a problem.

    FA-MAS might be able to help, but all I can think of is have you set the IP address for the card?


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      Nope, when I installed the card the OS handled the install. I did nothing.
      I have spoken to my ISP, and they say that the netBios Battery needs to replaced.


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        First time I heard that, he's a pro. :rolleyes2

        Do you have the cable modem switched on before you start your PC? :?:



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          Modem is always on, never turn it off.


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            They said the netbios battery needs to be replaced. Ahaha.
            /me detects a bit of nosence.

            So, when you boot, without doing anything to remedy the problem, does windows say that the ethernet card is installed in the device manager? It doesn't have a red X or an exclamation mark next to it right?

            If it checks out ok there, go to start --> run
            type in command, hit ok

            you should be in a dos box
            type "route print" without the quotes
            you should see 6 or 7 lines under the column headings such as Network Destination and Netmask. If you only see 2 lines, it could be 3 things. The drivers aren't installed correctly, the NIC is disabled in device manager, or the Local Area Connection under your network connections control panel is disabled.

            Check those things and let me know.