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56k v90 Modem Tweaking... for the better

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  • 56k v90 Modem Tweaking... for the better

    Hi is it possible that i can tweak my modem or get new drivers to improve the performance of it to make it faster i have done like 12kb on it lol i was downloading and then it drops dramatically to about 3/4kb oer sec :( and i cant get cable yet cause i isnt currently avalible here!!! please help



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    There are a lot of factors that will affect a dial-up connection Sammy.
    Quality of your phone line - many rural areas have horrible line noise. For instance, during a phone call to someone do you hear any hiss or static when neither of you are speaking?
    I used to connect at 26,400 then they put in new phoneline. 2 years later they finally got the lines hooked up properly, now I connect at 48,000.
    The built in download meter in windows really is poor. Often I show a blazing speed immediately after starting a DL - then it quickly tapers back to a "realistic" speed.
    Does this happen typically, as another huge factor is what computer you are connecting to, and how good the connection is between you.
    Windows System Monitor can be used to roughly diagnose your connection problems, ie dropped frames and such.
    There is a possibility that your modem may have revised drivers available certainly. Best bet is to determine exactly what your modem is as to manufacturer and model. Then proceed to the manufacturers website and see if any newer are available.
    If your into playing with the registry a bit you can go to for a very comprehensive step by step tweak for Win9x. Other guides there as well for DefaultRcvWindow, TTL, etc.
    There is also software that claims to optimize your modem.

    In all honesty - when my connection was poor due to line quality, I tried all the tweaks and hacks. I got zero gain from them.
    Now that the line quality is good, I've been as content as I could expect to be and haven't tried to increase the modem performance.

    Keep in mind, on the internet you are at the mercy of many factors outside your ability to influence.

    Good luck Sammy - never hurts to try!
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      Yeah the reg hacks, DefaultRcvWindow mods. etc really only work for broadband connections as Windows is pretty much optimised for dailup but ya may want to look into a download manager as they can help with d/l's and most will pick up an interupted d/l from the point of interuption (I've even seen some help the speed of the d/l) but as Mr.C line conditions play a big factor but also second and 3rd phones on the same line can have an adverse effect to. ;)


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        Modems usually maximise their performance by themselves... so you don't need to do anything special to tweak them. Unless you want to, in which case go about following the tweaking guide mentioned above.

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          Working for an ISP, i see this type of thing at least 3 times a day.

          First thing, do not install a program that messes with MTU, RWIN, or anything else like that. they don't work for jack shiznit and will cripple you when it comes to broadband.

          There's nothing I hate more than spending an hour and a half on the phone with someone who has done that. Because you get to uninstall communications. A rather large part of windows. and re-insall it.

          The best way on a dialup to get better speeds is to:

          1. Try alternate POPs, maybe something on another backbone if the ISP has another one. Maybe even a POP that supports different protocols. Such as v.90 or k56. Obviously if you want near 56k, use a POP that supports one of the 56k protocols.

          2. Update your modem drivers. If there are crappy or buggy drivers that could cause the slow connections or disconnects. Drivers are always better than initilization commands. Try yo stay away from initilization commands.

          3. Get a non crappy modem. Working for an ISP, i see this type of thing at least 3 times a day. Users will have a brand new computer with a winmodem, lol. And wonder why they get crappy connections. I'v seen it be so bad that the modem actually shares the video memory, and turning down the resolution or color depth allows for a stable connection.

          4. Check for anything that degrade the quality of the phone line. Even remove splitters or try another jack. Either of those can be the cause. I've had situations where speaker wire was running next to the phone cord and the user couldn't connect. then we separated them and it was able to connect. I hate to use the term "line noise", because it's not really noise. But have the telco check the line out. If necessary, you can order a second line and tell them to make it "data grade". They come out and install higher quality lines. Then cancell that phone line and wire it to your phone box to use the existent service. I know it sounds like alot, but I've done it. It's not that bad. And you have new, high quality lines when you are done.

          Also I hate it when people with broadband such as DSL or Cable call in and complain saying that "Im only getting 900k WTF?" I wanna say, "hay you ass, 900k is good"


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            FA-MAS dude do you live in aus cause I doubt that Tel$tra would be too happy about replacing a phone line just cause you aint getting greater than 26,400 (I think they warrant the lines to a miserable 19,000 or there abouts) if they do replace lines just like that I want to order mine now please ;)


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              Tel$tra will only look at your line if you connect less than 9,600bps in a built-up area. If you live in the middle of the sticks then they will only guarantee 2,400bps :eek:

              But a friend of mine has an office suite in the middle of Brisbane and was only getting 16,200bps and Tel$tra came and repaired the line free of charge for him, as he is only 200m from the exchange, and has a dedicated line (not through a PABX). He now connects at 53,333bps and is very happy :D
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                You are right, I live in the US. But you don't tell them that you are getting slow connection speeds on the internet. Because they don't care. And telco's here only guarantee 9600 baud. Anything else and they say you are lucky. lol


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                  Woah it appears I overestimated Tel$tra, 9,600bps in a built up area that really is lame (hope no-one works for em here :toung: ) if I ever got that low I dont know what I would do, imagine loading a full page with just text and no pic's and forget about ever d/loading a file I would imagine it would time-out every time you bothered and this would be after waiting for like a whole day or something :eek: . I feel deep sympathy for anyone who is struck with that problem and feel good about my connection now.


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                    Used to work for an ISP myself.

                    If your running win98 u can set the tcp/ip packet size to small, which I've seen squeeze out and extra 1-2K/s. Also really easy to change back if/when you get broadband.

                    With 2K ur stuck with tweaking the MTU and RWIN stuff manually.


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                      Originally posted by wuntvor
                      Used to work for an ISP myself.

                      If your running win98 u can set the tcp/ip packet size to small, which I've seen squeeze out and extra 1-2K/s. Also really easy to change back if/when you get broadband.

                      With 2K ur stuck with tweaking the MTU and RWIN stuff manually.
                      I've also seen that help browsing issues also.