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Running A Small Server

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  • Running A Small Server

    I just recently bought a MR314 Router from netgear, its the wireless one, and i wanted to run a small website off of one of my computer connected to the router and i was wondering how i would do so? thx alot!!

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    Ok, what we need to do is. First give the machine you want to run the webserver on a static IP. Basically, enter the web interface and get the following information.

    The LAN IP of the router, also take a look at the DHCP scope.
    Take the starting address and add 1 to it. so if the starting address is, change it to Because we want to exclude the IP address you're gonna give that computer so it doesn't try to assign it to another computer.

    So give the machine the IP address that you excluded, in our example,

    Also give the machine to be the web server the same subnet mask that it shows in the DHCP scope.

    And for a Default Gateway give the computer the LAN IP that you got from the router.

    So after that you should have a machine with an IP that doesn't change that is still on the network.

    Now enter the router again and setup "port forwarding" (it may be labeled packet forwarding or something else) and forward port 80 (HTTP) to that IP, again in our example

    And lastly install web server software on that machine. I suggest for simplicity use TinyWeb.

    One more thing, make sure you have WEP encryption enabled for that router. If not, it would be very easy for someone to drive down the street and have access to your network and any shared files.



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      Also if you know where to get an online manual or even a virtual walkthrough for that router, lemme know.


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        hey bro im just a newbie with networking, and to tell ya the truth i dunno what ur talking about, is there neway you can explain it in simpler terms?