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Firewire (IEEE 1394) Home Networking on Win XP

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  • Firewire (IEEE 1394) Home Networking on Win XP

    Okay.. I have a challenge for you folks..
    My final goal is to network two winXP pro machines using firewire (no hub neccesary) and allow them to share an internet connection.. this was not covered in the winXP home networking guide

    The best that it will get is currently using either the local area connection (Cable modem) or the firewire connection (Home network). I can switch between them without rebooting by enabling and disabling in the network connections panel.
    I would like both to function at once and preferably, to have the networked computer be able to use the access via the host computer w/ the cable modem.

    In order to get the network working at all I had to designate a manual IP ( and .2) on the host and client computers respectively.. I gave them the common gateway of and then ran the set up home network wizard and they connect fine..

    I tried bridging the connections (ya know.. network bridge) so that I could use the unternet on both computers, but that just killed both the internet and the home network..

    It just doesn't work...
    Anyone have a miracle cure for my problem??

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    You haven't said but did you install ICS or some other internet sharing program on the PC with the internet connection? :?:


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      WinXP comes with ICS capabilities.. The only reference to firewire networking in the microsoft knowledge base with windowsXP says that it should be capable of sharing an internet connection.

      I tried firenet but the program is a piece of crap.. even after the uninstall it took ten minutes to restore my network settings.