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  • Multilinking software

    Anyone know of any multilinking software that will allow linking two modems when an ISP doesn't support multilink, such as Midpoints that will work in XP? Or is there a way to add a second dialup adapter (such a vpn) in XP to allow Midpoint to work?
    This 28,800 is killing me.:(

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      Have ya tried a search thru or ? :?:


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        Yes, but nothing that worked in xp. Thanks tho.:)


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          You might be well aware of this, but you might try investing in a top notch phone cord.

          My parents live in a rural area in the US, and we were convinced the phone service just needed to be upgraded when we were only connecting at 26600... I heard that good phone wires can increase performace alot, and although skeptical I eventually got a hold of one and hooked it up, and now they connect at 37333... quite a difference.......

          Mine is a CAT5e (E means enhanced) , but I hear that regualr cat5 works just as well.

          If you are using a factory made 4 wire 'flat' phone cable, I would definatly look for a replacement.


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            good suggestion zeradul. I had to do that at work to get our fax machine to stop crapping on itself


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              I was tempted to do something like this a couple years ago. But now with all the various broadband connections available, I'm not going to bother.
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                Thanks guys. No one within 20 miles of me can get better than 28800. I'm still looking.;)